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  • Bob Gillingham II
    Owner/President/Customer Relations
    (216) 325-1510

    Years On Staff: 50+

    Loving husband & father of 3. Lives & dies the business, community activist, finance wizard, avid golfer & customer specialist

  • Rob Gillingham III
    Owner/Secretary/Treasurer General Manager
    (216) 398-1300 x227

    Years On Staff: 23

    Proud husband and father. Big sports fan, played baseball at BW, likes to golf, bowl, and cook.

  • Matt Gillingham
    Owner/Vice President/Controller
    (216) 398-1300 x231

    Years On Staff: 18

    Loving husband and father of 2 boys. Hobbies include bowling and golfing. AY ZIGGY ZOOMBA!

  • Dave Bundus
    Sales Manager
    (216) 325-1514

    Years On Staff: 8

    Proud husband and father of 2 daughters, always happy to make the best deal for you, hobbies include playing pool and cruising on his Harley. Been in the car business for 29 years.

  • Rich Vargo
    Used Car Manager
    (216) 325-1535

    Years On Staff: 31

    Proud husband of 35 years, loving father of 2 children and "Capone" his happy go lucky pitbull. Says he "can't wait to be a grandpa"

  • Scott Lockhart
    General Sales & Operation Manager
    (216) 325-1539

    Years On Staff: 10

    Proud father of 2 boys, likes to golf, former collegiate baseball player.

  • Eric Asvestas
    (216) 325-1517

    Years On Staff: 4

    Owns a potbelly pig, has attended over 500 car auctions & been in the car business for 28 years.

  • George Bode
    (216) 325-1519

    Years On Staff: 7

    Proud husband, father, and grandfather of 2. Likes to brew his own beer in his free time. Specializes in fleet vehicles.

  • Pete Galioto
    (216) 325-1534

    Years On Staff: 31

    43 Years in the business, Proud husband, father of 4 daughters, and grandfather of 11. Loves to golf in his free time and is a self-proclaimed truck enthusiast.

  • John Gilmore
    (216) 325-1518

    Years On Staff: 1

    Besides being an 8 year Airforce Vet, been selling cars for 7 years here & there. Florida was warm but Cleveland is home, proud John Adams High School alumni & father of 4 children

  • Mike Lubinski
    (216) 325-1529

    Years On Staff: 25

    SCI-FI movie buff, favorite is the original Star Wars. Been in the car business for 30 years.

  • Bill Maloney
    (216) 325-1509

    Years On Staff: 7

    Very active member in Elks Berea Lodge 1815. Been in the car business for 26 years.

  • Ken Miller
    (216) 325-1521

    Years On Staff: 25

    HUGE Buckeyes fan!! Proud husband and father of his daughter.

  • Mike Spencer
    Used Car Sales
    (216) 325-1531

    Years On Staff: 16

    Loves food, especially eating it. Hot coco connoisseur. All time favorite Ford model is the Mustang of course!

  • Mike Travagliante
    Internet Sales
    (216) 325-1532

    Years On Staff: 5

    Former nationally ranked wrestler, huge Cleveland sports and Buckeye fan, loves spending time with his family and dog Chance.

  • Joe Witkowski
    (216) 325-1508

    Years On Staff: 2

    Grateful to add 30 years of experience to an already great staff! Clevelander through and through. Let his knowledge easy your car buying decision.

  • Dave Zudell
    (216) 325-1516

    Years On Staff: 18

    Resident of Vermillion and 32 year vet of selling Fords. Proud husband, father of 3 girls and a new grandfather. Volunteers with Race for the Cure, driving the Pace Car for the past 18 years.

  • Marty Gregg
    Administrative Sales Manager
    (216) 398-1300 x230

    I am here to assist you with your needs. Feel free to call or email me at anytime.

  • Matt Ellison
    Finance & Insurance
    (216) 398-1300 x229

    Years On Staff: 6

    Proud husband and father of 3. Eldest son is a student at Xavier. 13 years in the car business. One of his favorite pastimes is fishing… he Once caught a 70 lb. halibut In Alaska.

  • Ken Stafford
    Finance & Insurance
    (216) 325-1513

    Years On Staff: 1

    Bleeds Cleveland sports, car enthusiast has been in the business for 12 years.

  • Sande Ellis
    Office Manager
    (216) 398-1300 x222

    I am here to assist you with your needs. Feel free to call or email me at anytime.

  • Crystal Peck
    Office Support
    (216) 398-1300 x225

    I am here to assist you with your needs. Feel free to call or email me at anytime.

  • Joe McCullough
    Body Shop Manager
    (216) 398-1300 x252

    Years On Staff: 6

    Proud new father of a baby boy, hockey & hunting enthusiast.

  • Amy Manko
    Body Shop Assistant
    (216) 398-1300 x221

    Years On Staff: 4

    Loves the beach. Favorite vacation spot is Jamaica.

  • Angela Macejko
    Finance Support
    (216) 398-1300 x233

  • John Link
    Digital Media Specialist
    (216) 398-1300 x240

    Years On Staff: 3

    Loves spending time with his wife and 4 kids, Proud Clevelander, coaches youth basketball, huge Cavs fan, would always rather be in a gym or on a beach.

  • Matthew Moran
    Digital Media Specialist
    (216) 325-1527

    Years On Staff: 3

    Proud husband and father of 2 girls. Avid golfer, bowler, and big Notre Dame football fan. Photoshop wiz, In his free time he likes to cook.

  • Mike Vasil
    Parts Manager
    (216) 325-1533

    Years On Staff: 15

    Knows all things automotive…just test him

  • Steve Lesiak
    Parts Associate
    (216) 325-1540

    Years On Staff: 10

    25 years in the business Proud husband and father of 2 boys

  • Andy Menti
    Parts Associate

    Years On Staff: 2

    6 years in the business. Rock music lover, plays electric guitar.

  • Michelle Melter
    Parts & IT Manager
    (216) 325-1528

    Years On Staff: 20

    Classic Mustang lover & computer tinkerer!

  • Donna Oldenburg
    Parts Associate

    Years On Staff: 12

    Wife and Mother of 2. Donna has been to all of the 48 continental states.

  • Scott Acker
    Service Manager
    (216) 398-1300 x247

    Years On Staff: 20

    Loves cars, proud father of 3, BIG baseball fan.

  • Mike Murad
    Assistant Manager/Service Advisor
    (216) 325-1530

    I am here to assist you with your needs. Feel free to call or email me at anytime.

  • Will Monske
    Service Advisor
    (216) 325-1522

  • Luis Pedro
    Service Advisor
    (216) 398-1300

    Years On Staff: 2

    Proud father of 5 kids, started as a mechanic & has been in the car business for 6 years.

  • Ed Berger
    Service Garageman

    Years On Staff: 2

    Loves to work on classic cars.

  • Paul Turek
    Service Garageman

    Years On Staff: 48

    Over 50 year career in Ford/Mercury dealers. Proud Grandpa of 2.